[RC5] Losing lot of time with a computer crash

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>Aaron Nielsen wrote:
>Anybody know how much this hurts the performance? It must to some
>degree. I started using it on my old slow computer that crashed a lot
>(crashing at 75% of an OGR block sucks) and I've kept doing it, even
>though now the RC5 blocks always take less than the equivalent of three
>minutes. Would it be more efficient to turn this off when I'm roasting
>through RC5, but on when I'm trying to stay #1 on my team in OGR?

Checkpoint writing is done if either
- 10% of the packet has been done (if percentage is measurable, e.g. RC5) or
- 10 minutes since last checkpoint have elapsed
but not earlier than 30 seconds after last checkpointing.

A <3 minutes RC5 packet costs you:
7 checkpoint writes (create, 5* refresh, clear)

Is this too much?

But if your RC5 packets last less than 3 minutes you probably should check your preferred block size setting. Using a small blocksize causes more overhead (network traffic, load/save often overhead). All current clients support a preferred blocksize up to 33 (32*2^28 keys).

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