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Franklin Eekhout franklin at online.no
Fri Jan 12 10:53:00 EST 2001

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> I hope this was helpful for some people.
> If anyone has experience as to describe Dnet as a Business Critical
> I'd be glad to hear from them ! :)

Say it is environmental conservation. Just like paper collecting bins around
the office, or saving electricity or whatever.

Or say it gives advance warning of cpu failure. (That is, if your cpu was
going to fail, dnet will accelerate the pace because of the heat

Say it has Security Implications for your firm. When dnet is successfull it
will help in advancing use of larger bit patterns in cryptography for the OS
in the firm.

This has must probably been up before. Has anybody collected all the good
reasons (or hare-brained ones) and made a faq of it?



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