[RC5] another bug in the new clients??

waldo kitty wkitty42 at alltel.net
Fri Jan 12 14:37:46 EST 2001

Aaron Nielsen wrote:
> It appears, at least to me, that when new blocks are received from proxy the
> client saves the "stat unit" it is currently working on and then after the
> retrieval the "stat unit" is loaded again. I would suspect the older clients
> were not reporting this function but still performed it. Notice the time stamp
> and # of keys done when "stat unit" is saved.

hummm... i've been attempting to run with two units always in the input
queue and once one unit is in the output queue, send it right on back
and pick up another to replace the one that just came out of input and
went into calculation... thinking that since this is multithreaded (??)
that the retrieve thread and the send thread would just do their thing
while the calculation thread did its thing...

something like this...

starting stage - completely empty
  input = 0
  calc  = 0
  out   = 0

stage1 - two units in input queue
  input = ab
  calc  = 0
  out   = 0

stage2 - one unit in input, one unit in calc
  input = b - retrieve another to have 2 in queue
  calc  = a
  out   = 0

stage3 - two units in input, one unit in calc
  input = bc
  calc  = a
  out   = 0

stage4 - completed calc unit moved to output queue
  input = bc - move b to calc and get d unit
  calc  = 0
  out   = a - send this one now

stage5 - same as stage3, loop to stage4, repeat until done
  input = cd
  calc  = b
  out   = 0

in fifo movement, of course <<G>>

> I would guess this is client version 465 and before 463b was used.

previous client version was 458 on windows and linux platforms...
currently running 465 on them, 465 was just released on the 9th...
awaiting 465 for OS/2...

> Look at the change.log
> <Snip>

> 2.8011.464
>         chg: minor adjustments to Loaded/Saved/Completed/Summary message
>         for project independance (format doesn't have to be processed
>         differently for different projects). Inexact percentages
>         (ie, for OGR) are no longer displayed at load/save time.
> <Snip>


> It would be interesting to see what blocks ("stat units") you proxy sent to and
> received from this client.

hehehe, i just ran a grep on my rc5pcon*.logs and pulled out a 1.6meg
file of all entries that contain this particular machine's IP number
<<GG>> some 23919 lines in console format ;-)  all blocks are 1x2^28 in
size... the smallest available... what are we looking for? i might be
able to whip something up to look for blocks sent to the client that are
returned to the proxy... i know i've had one or two days where i was
unable to contact a roundrobin key server and the clients generated
random units to work on...

one interesting thing that i note in looking at this grep output, it's
easy to see that we're all over the keyspace checking blocks <<GG>>  

> Well I could be wrong, but that is my 2 cents worth.

the more help, the merrier... at least i/we might be able to figure out
what's really happening <<GG>>  then again, my mental picture of the
process may be SNAFUBAR, hehehe...

> Aaron Nielsen
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> Subject: [RC5] another bug in the new clients??
> > have noticed also that the new clients save and then reload a
> > workunit... the save might be my setting to save a checkfile??
> > immediately after the "RC5: Saved" lines, there's a "RC5 Loaded" line
> > that loads the same block just saved... ????
> >
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