[RC5] New version

Michael Nahrath subotnik at gmx.de
Fri Jan 12 14:57:10 EST 2001

Charles Clark <cmc+dnet at ralf.org> schrieb am 10.01.2001 23:04 Uhr:

>> 3. Why has there been nothing on the Announce list for nearly 2 years?!
>> I'm sure nobody would object to a monthly update on what's happening.
> Apparently the d.net priciples don't want to use the announce list lest
> people unsubscribe from it and miss a *really important* announcement,
> so it has not been used in 3 years.

This is wrong. I received 4 messages from this list in the last 11 months:

[ANNOUNCE] OGR-24 suspended
[ANNOUNCE] Being 'un-joined' from a team
[ANNOUNCE] distributed.net and United Devices join forces!

Greeting, Michi

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