[RC5] Stats suggestion

Ben Brockert benb at iastate.edu
Wed Jan 10 17:52:11 EST 2001

bwilson at fers.com wrote:
> Because work units are stored as numeric(20, 0), which requires 10 bytes.
> This is to accomodate the huge nodecounts of OGR, through approximately
> OGR-31.  The chosen half-life would have a practical maximum of the total
> life of distributed.net in days, which could be stored in an int (4
> bytes).

Speaking of bigger OGRs, how long until we start OGR-26, and how long
until the final announcement on OGR-24? It is entirely distributed.net's
choice when to start OGR-26, so you should have at least a guess for
that... please?

As for the decaying average idea, I'm all for it. It would be neat, and
useful, especially if you did incorporate it into the ranking bits.

On the web stats: someone could probably remove the "Keyrate History"
and "Participation History" non-links from all the stat pages... none of
the three projects have them, and haven't for a while.


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