[RC5] Stats suggestion

Jack Beglinger jackb_guppy at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 10 19:21:02 EST 2001

> Hmm... good point.  Sneakernet does cause something similar to a megaflush
> as far as stats are concerned.  What if this theoretical plan would take
> into account people with a regular schedule?  I.E. If you flush every
> Friday, then you're not penalized?

I have worked my stats first by adding 0 for missing days (so I get dips).  I 
have reworked to handle missing days.  This will support mega flushes and 
friday only flushing.....

Basic rule - do not calculate on days no blocks are recieved.
  Same as current average.  Your last average reminds forever.

HL = Half-Life days
LD = Last recieved a block
TD = Today
HLP = Prior Half Life Average
HLN = New Half Life Average
CB = Current Block

HLN = ((HL - 1) / HL) ^ (TD - LD) * HLP + 1 / HL * CB

Should beable to be done with current average

FD = First Date
TD = Today
GA = Grand Average 
TB = Total Blocks

GA = TB / (TD - FD + 1)

have fun

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