[RC5] Losing lot of time with a computer crash

bwilson at fers.com bwilson at fers.com
Wed Jan 10 16:58:47 EST 2001

Hi, Ben.

>> If you are having allot of computer crashes use the checkpoint feature.
It is in
>> "Buffer and Buffer Update Options". Enter a file name for it to use, I
>> chkpoint.net.
>> The client writes its status to this file while crunching stubs/blocks.
The file
>> is deleted when the client exits normally. If the file is detected when
>> client starts, the client will recover the block it was working on
>Anybody know how much this hurts the performance? It must to some
>degree. I started using it on my old slow computer that crashed a lot
>(crashing at 75% of an OGR block sucks) and I've kept doing it, even
>though now the RC5 blocks always take less than the equivalent of three
>minutes. Would it be more efficient to turn this off when I'm roasting
>through RC5, but on when I'm trying to stay #1 on my team in OGR?

Since it only writes the checkpoint every 15 minutes, it's a very small
impact on performance.  Technically, it makes a difference, but you'd
laugh at yourself if you saw how small the number is.
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