[RC5] Crunch-o-meter idea

Ben Wilhelm benjamin.wilhelm at oberlin.edu
Wed Jan 10 21:01:46 EST 2001

This may sound a bit odd, but how about user-definable crunch-o-meter
updates? Both in terms of time (in one-second increments) and in terms of
what it displays. OGR currently gives me a status bar like this:

[Jan 11 01:58:03 UTC] #1: OGR:25/1-7-2-13-43-4 [17,427,186,625]

Personally, what I'd really like would be something like . . .

[Jan 11 01:58:03 UTC] #1: OGR:25/1-7-2-13-43-4 [17,427MNode 3,129KNps 23%]

with me understanding that that "23%" there is an estimate. But some people
might not want that - so you could do something tag-style (probably
project-dependent, since there are parts of some projects that don't make
sense for anything else).

I'm imagining something like . . .

%d - date
%t - time
%l - stub length
%s - stub
%p - progress (in meganodes)
%e - speed (in kilonodes)
%c - percent of project (estimated)
%h - thread number

or possibly something like %pm for meganodes, %pk for kilonodes, etc. So
that thing up there I'd enter as . . .

[%d %t] #%h: OGR: %l/%s [%pmMNode %ekKNps %c%%]

Now, ideally, I could also make the Win32 client window wider so I could use
100-character-wide status displays if I wanted ;) but I'd be willing to
sacrifice some keyrate for this, and if they didn't want it, the user could
switch it off (using less cpu power than the current non-switchable display
does, probably).

Comments? Yeah, I know this needs some work, but I'd be happy to implement
it :)


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