[RC5] MS PRoxy

Alexei Anatski chatski at rbc.ru
Thu Jan 11 15:24:51 EST 2001

> Hmmm, MS crap all the time.
> I think this means I can forget about getting my AIX clients through....

You can enable "BASIC" authentication on Proxy server.
You can also try to configure SOCKS proxy on MS Proxy & in DNet client. MS
Proxy 2.0 seem to support it.
You will need you proxy administrator assistance to do this.

Quote from MS:
What client platforms does Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0 support?
Web Proxy - Any client operating system that supports HTTP (for example,
Windows, Mac, UNIX).

WinSock Proxy - Any client operating system that supports Winsock 1.1 or
above (Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95, Windows NT Workstation).

SOCKS Proxy - Any application on any platform that is "SOCKS-compliant" will
support SOCKS v4.3a or earlier. (Windows, Macintosh, UNIX).

> If I install the Proxy client on my Win laptop won't it cause trouble if
I'm at
> a different location without MS Proxy ?

It won't work without MS Ppoxy, AFAIK, but you can disable MS Proxy client
in control panel. Not sure if this require reboot, though.

> If this at least works, maybe I can try out some stuff with a pers proxy
> it...Cause I'm getting fed up with the manual fetching
> ( I automated flush by letting the unix clients mail their out buffers as
> attachment to me and an Lotus Notes Agent then forwards them to the mail
> box, I can not send mail to them)

If you've done all of this, configuring MS Proxy/SOCKS should be piece of
cake ;-)


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