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Hi, Tom.

The answer to your question is yes and no.  }:8)

Yes, SQL does pack numeric fields.  numeric(20, 0) (20 digits of detail, 0
digits after the decimal) occupies 10 bytes.  This is two digits per byte,
in essentially the same arrangement as IBM's packed decimal format.  For
example, the number 1234567890 would be stored as (hex)

00 00 00 00   00 12 34  56
78 90

(Not sure if my endian-ness is correct, but that's not the point)

"int" fields are stored in a purely binary format.  A four-byte integer
holds 2^32 distinct values. (-2^16 through +2^16 - 1)

No, there is no option for bit-packing as you're describing.  numeric(19,
0) still occupies 10 bytes, and there is no option to "share" that
half-occupied byte with another field.  A lot of this derives from SQL's
goal of making data retrieval as straightforward as possible.

For what it's worth, we don't define a "record length", or really have any
control of how SQL stores the data, except by choosing the datatype which
best fits our data requirements and storage limitations.  We define a
field, SQL allocates an appropriate space.  We ask for the field, SQL
gives it to us.  Beyond that it's invisible.

Though it's technically possible for us to define a variable-length binary
field and store our data in a highly packed format, we would sacrifice a
huge amount of speed when manipulating that data, and would sacrifice a
lot of other SQL capabilities (indexing, sorting).
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Sorry to pop in on the discussion. Don't you have a possibility of packing
the fields in the database-definition? Don't shoot me just yet but IBM
AS/400 does this. When you use packed fields (only numeric, obviously) it
uses even less disk space. I even think it goes beyond that and when not
all the numbers are used, it even compresses the data more, eg the value
123 uses less disk space than 1234, with the same record length of 20.
Just a thought,

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