[RC5] Losing lot of time with a computer crash

waldo kitty wkitty42 at alltel.net
Sat Jan 13 22:19:46 EST 2001

Andreas Beckmann wrote:
> >> Since it only writes the checkpoint every 15 minutes, it's a very small
> >without digging thru the docs, one has to wonder where this 15 minute
> >figure comes from... my systems are configured to write a checkpoint
> >file every five minutes... is this the default you're quoting?
> The default is hard coded and no longer configurable.

;-(  one then has to wonder why old, no longer pertinent<sp?> settings
are still left in the configs... i'm using the same config files that i
set up when i first started running the clients 3 years ago... sure, the
name has changed but... <sigh>  and yes, i do run the config for each
new client that i install... in fact, my general update routine is to
stop the client, archive the entire directory, remove all files except
the ini, the buffers, and the checkpoint file... then i install the new
exe and doc files... start the new client in configure mode, _check_ the
settings, save and exit... then start the client in full operation
mode... the least that could be done would be to have something, maybe
an upgrade doc, that would specify which config file options are no
longer valid... rarely do i ever change any settings if they all appear
proper for my setup... t'would help those of us who also hand configure
their clients... FWIW: i generally get one client set up the way i want
and then simply copy it's ini file to all the others... OS not
withstanding... same one for OS2, linux and win boxen...

[trim notes]

> Percentage changed is not applicable for ogr.

since i don't do OGR, it doesn't really carry any weight for me but i'm
sure that others will benefit from the info...

thanks for the info, though... dang it... now i've gotta go and start
one from scratch and work thru all of them <<double sigh>>

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