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Charles Clark cmc+dnet at ralf.org
Sat Jan 13 14:33:09 EST 2001

> From:     Michael Nahrath <subotnik at gmx.de>

> Charles Clark <cmc+dnet at ralf.org> schrieb am 10.01.2001 23:04 Uhr:
> >> 3. Why has there been nothing on the Announce list for nearly 2 years?!
> >> I'm sure nobody would object to a monthly update on what's happening.
> > 
> > Apparently the d.net priciples don't want to use the announce list lest
> > people unsubscribe from it and miss a *really important* announcement,
> > so it has not been used in 3 years.
> This is wrong. I received 4 messages from this list in the last 11 months:
> [ANNOUNCE] OGR-24 suspended
> [ANNOUNCE] Being 'un-joined' from a team
> [ANNOUNCE] distributed.net and United Devices join forces!

Well then, I'm sorry about that bit of misinformation. While those
subjects illustrate my point of only using the list for *really
important* announcements, they also show the list hasn't been dormant
for nearly 3 years.

I had no memory of ever getting any messages to announce, but before
sending that message I looked in the online mail archives for the list
and it contains nothing newer than Feb 1998.


I am not too surprised that either my memory or they hypermail archive
are broken, and thank you for the correction. However, I am fairly sure
(but I'm old now, and you can see that my memory is fallible :) that
I saw something where a d.net honcho type said they don't use the
announce list more often and for things such as new client software
because they want to keep the traffic as low as possible so that people
don't unsubscribe. I can't find such a question/statement anywhere in
the online doc or faq-o-matic, so maybe I'm just wrong there too.

ObRC5: the latest (2.8012.465) client version is noticably (about 10%)
faster (compared to 2.8010.463) for OGR on the machines where I have
installed it (windows and non-windows machines, but all x86 so far).
Excellent. Kick-ass even.


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