[RC5] packing fields

tomdv at datatx.com tomdv at datatx.com
Sun Jan 14 11:57:09 EST 2001

Dear Bruce,

okay, if I understand you correctly: if you use binary fields, with
variable record length, SQL doesn't allow indexing and the sorts. However,
you could create a parallel index/sort file. In the IBM AS/400, these are
called 'logical' files where the data is stored in the 'physical' file.
Agreed, this may take a bit more disk space but the index file itself
contains only the path how to access the data, physical file. It does,
however, speed up enormously (factor 10 or more) especially when dealing
with files with some million of records inside, which you guys probably
already have.
IBM AS/400 was derived from their mainframes so has all kind of tricks to
solve database handling with huge files and different ways of accessing
Maybe there are some mainframe wizzards out there that could give you some
of these tricks to help out? I mean, the longer the project runs, the
bigger the data will get, the longer it will take to calculate whatever
average or so. You already had to put the stats-server off line for
calculations purposes, what's it going to be next time.
And just upgrading your machine all the time, is the horror of all
Just a thought,

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