[RC5] 465 client no longer works on OGR??

Andreas Beckmann andreas.beckmann at student.uni-halle.de
Sun Jan 14 13:04:36 EST 2001

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>Subject: [RC5] 465 client no longer works on OGR??
>> Am running the latest win32 client (v2.8012-465-GTR-01010823) under Win2k
>> I use a load-work precedence of RC5,OGR but this client never works on OGR
You could set load order precedence to ogr,rc5. So it will do ogr, but probably not rc5.

>> despite having work in the buffers.  It finishes the RC5 buffer, flushes,
>> fetches and goes right back to RC5 again.  No additional buffer-level
>> behaviour defined.  This used to work correctly with 463, and 464g as

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