[RC5] Flush to pproxy and dnet

Alex Fox alex at bebox.co.uk
Sun Jan 14 12:21:35 EST 2001

On Sun, 14 Jan 2001, Dennis Lubert wrote:

> I'm running dnet on a laptop. When I'm at home it is connected to my small
> LAN, so it can update buffers via my perproxy. But when I'm at work I
> sometimes go online via normal dialup. In this case I have to manually edit
> the configuration, so that the dnetc automatically selects a keyserver. Ma
> question now : Is there an option for dnetc to first try my pproxy, and if
> its not available to try a "real" proxy ? Or even the other way...

>From the client's main configuration menu, choose

2) Buffer and Buffer Update Options
6) Keyserver<->client connectivity options
5) Disable fallback to a distributed.net keyserver

Change the setting to `no', and your client should try to use one of the
default keyservers if it fails to connect to the one specified in the
configuration file.


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