Denie Andriessen D.Andriessen at pink.nl
Sun Jan 14 19:58:45 EST 2001


Altough it looks quite feasable to me to port the existing 68000 code to the
ST, I wonder if it's worth it, as the ST (If I recall correctly) runs at
8Mhz, hence you'd need to have quite a bunch of those machines lying around
to make it worthwhile..

There is also maybe a problem with fetch/flush-ing the blocks, but as it
takes really long to complete a block anyway, you could always do it
manually on a *large* stack of those machines, say once a month.

Well, besides those ideas,
shows something that looks a bit like a 'Linux' running on an ST
Also note the nice JavaScript Y2K bug on the 'timestamp' bottom of the
page.. :)

Also: ST emulator in a browser:

Denie Andriessen

----- Original Message -----
From: "Henning Eiben" <eiben at busitec.de>
Subject: [RC5] ATARI ST?

> I still have some ATARI ST machines sitting around here, and I was
> if it's possible to run the dnet-client on these machines. Well, there
> doesn't seem to be a port to ATARI TOS, but maybe I could run another OS
> my ATARI.

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