David McNett nugget at slacker.com
Sun Jan 14 13:21:01 EST 2001

On 14-Jan-2001, Denie Andriessen wrote:
> Altough it looks quite feasable to me to port the existing 68000 code to the
> ST, I wonder if it's worth it, as the ST (If I recall correctly) runs at
> 8Mhz, hence you'd need to have quite a bunch of those machines lying around
> to make it worthwhile..

I'd love to see an Atari ST port.  I suspect the biggest difficulty would
be the lack of an IP stack.  Still, as you said, since it's a slow 68k
cpu, you wouldn't have to sneakernet very often.  :)

Give me an excuse to dig my 1040ST out of the closet.  :)

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