Henrik Berglund SdU adb94hbd at mds.mdh.se
Mon Jan 15 02:25:10 EST 2001

On Sun, 14 Jan 2001, John Campbell wrote:

> 	Of course, you want slow, I have a 386SX-16 that peaks about 5kk/s.
> My K7-650 cracked more keys the first day it was up than that 386 has in its
> entire working lifespan. 

I ported the old rc5 56 client think it was called "genx" or something
to amiga and benchmarked it on a amiga 500 with a 68000 at 7MHz, it did 
512keys/sec and the solnet des client with bitslice did 1.5kk/sec
Dont know what processor is in the ATARI ST but think its some sort of
68000. Maybe the same as in a500.

Henrik at gigahertz.se 
FHB Gigahertz Västerås

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