Dan Waldron wald7330 at mach1.wlu.ca
Sun Jan 14 21:04:53 EST 2001

> On Sun, 14 Jan 2001, John Campbell wrote:
> > 	Of course, you want slow, I have a 386SX-16 that peaks about 5kk/s.
> > My K7-650 cracked more keys the first day it was up than that 386 has in its
> > entire working lifespan. 
> I ported the old rc5 56 client think it was called "genx" or something
> to amiga and benchmarked it on a amiga 500 with a 68000 at 7MHz, it did 
> 512keys/sec and the solnet des client with bitslice did 1.5kk/sec
> Dont know what processor is in the ATARI ST but think its some sort of
> 68000. Maybe the same as in a500.

STs also use the 68000, but at 8MHz, so it should be a shade faster. There
are good native mac emulators available for the ST that might be able to
run the mac client. At the present time it does not seem possible to run
linux on the ST due to the lack of a MMU on the 68000, but the linux for
microcontrollers progect, uClinux, at www.uClinux.org might be able to
help.  Also see Paul Coene's site at
http://www.esat.kuleuven.ac.be/~pcoene/ about running uClinux on the ST.

If anyone here is lucky enough to have a TT or a Falcon, those computers
are stable running linux/M68K.

The Ataris were good computers for their day and it's a shame that
nowadays those that are left are mostly sitting around collecting
dust--perfect for turning into cracking machines.

Dan Waldron wald7330 at mach1.wlu.ca

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