Greg Childers gchil0 at pop.uky.edu
Mon Jan 15 00:34:42 EST 2001

It doesn't integrate with the d.net network.  Since I was just measuring 
the speed, it simply steps through keys in order trying them.  If you want 
to write one yourself, the algorithm is described in RFC2040, or you can 
download C source for such a simple client at


The only change necessary for a Windows platform is to change how the 
starting key is generated.


> > I thought that sounded way too slow, so I wrote my own C client compiled
> > with Visual C 6.0.  It tested 150 kkeys/sec on an Athlon 700 that can test
> > 2.5 Mkey/sec using the assembly core.  Wow!  Amazing what hand-tuned
> > assembly can do!  :-)
>Is it ported for Windows ??
>If so... I think a lot of ppl are interested in it...
>I am for shure...
>(Roadie at tompiedom.net)

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