[RC5] RE: [Perfmon % Processor Usage] Do you know a way to remove it?

jbugden at alis.com jbugden at alis.com
Wed Jan 17 11:56:38 EST 2001

The ideal solution to the problems described below would be to have the
dnetc client act like the System Idle process and stay out of the Perfmon %
Processor Usage statistics.


There are two issues here:

1) Dnetc runs at idle priority (Ok)
The dnetc client should not affect other processes because it runs at idle

2) Dnetc appears to use 100% of the CPU (Problem)
The reality is that there are at least two important ways that the dnetc
client affects other programs.

a) Some programs monitor the CPU usage in order to modify their behaviour. I
have one program that takes minutes to start instead of seconds when dnetc
is running. I presume that it is trying to reduce its priority by other
means. I have another program that restarts itself occasionally while dnetc
is running. I assume that they interpret continual 100% CPU usage as a
"hung" thread or process.

b) When the % Processor Usage is always at 100%, it is no longer a useful
measurement of how busy the system actually is. Performance Monitor Alerts
are similarily rendered useless. This affects various ingrained procedures
that render the dnetc client inappropriate in many places that it could
otherwise run without problem.

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In the Maillinglist you write
"The best way to hide the client would be to remove it's work from the % 
Processor Time counter (The green line in Task Manager) ..."

Nice.. and how can i remove it from this "counter"?

On many maschines i can install it, if the Computer not is used to the max.
In other word... only if the Computer is allways ready for "real" Work (Word
/ Excel).

Now how is the %Bar hide possible?

cya Bluumi
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