[RC5] RE: [Perfmon % Processor Usage] Do you know a way to remove it?

Alan W. Rateliff, II forager at talstar.com
Wed Jan 17 17:43:34 EST 2001

The problem I get into is that whenever a machine flakes out, all the
non-technical people pull up the PerfMon and see the machine is running 100%,
then they see that it's the dnetc client running and blame it for the

I have tried and tried and tried to explain to them that it does NOT run the
machine at 100%, that it only uses unused time, and when you're watching the
PerfMon, the computer's not doing anything else!  So, they stop the service
and the CPU usage appears to return to normal, even though now the Idle
Process is eating 98% of CPU usage.  *AUGH!*

I even posted a technical brief from MS that explains how the CPU usage
indicator works, and then that dnetc, by replacing the Idle Process, does not
keep a counter of "unused" cycles.

I have permission to run the client on the machines, but only if the people
who run the workstations don't have a problem with it.  They see CPU usage
100% and flip out, so then that ends the usage on the machine.

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