FW: [RC5] Two copies on sending

waldo kitty wkitty42 at alltel.net
Fri Jan 19 15:40:30 EST 2001

yuck... will see what i can dig up in that area... on the other hand,
where's the dnet 'moderator' so they can manually remove this guy like
they did that last guy who had set up a vacation program?????

Richard Farmbrough wrote:
> That mail bounced. I now reflect all mail with dbobkov at raleigh.ibm.com in
> the header to dbobkov at raleigh.ibm.com and delete the original...
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> From: Richard Farmbrough
> Sent: 18 January 2001 20:35
> To: 'rc5 at lists.distributed.net'
> Subject: RE: [RC5] Two copies on sending
> I've mailed abuse at ibm.com... FWIW
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> From: waldo kitty [mailto:wkitty42 at alltel.net]
> Sent: 17 January 2001 23:31
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> Andreas D. Landmark wrote:
> >
> > Can somebody with some power remove
> > dbobkov at raleigh.ibm.com
> > from the list?
> i've actually thought of processing those thru a spam
> analyzing/reporting program that would report them directly to
> abuse at raleigh.ibm.com or whatever they have as their spam abuse
> address... =that= would surely wake someone up at raleigh.ibm.com and
> get them to "FixTheirShit"<tm>
> > this is just annoying, and totally useless
> to say the least!

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