[RC5] Problems with compiling source

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Fri Jan 26 13:01:05 EST 2001

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Date: Friday, January 26, 2001 11:54 AM
Subject: [RC5] Problems with compiling source

>I've downloaded the source code of the dnetc program.
>But when I try to compile some code I get errors.
>How can I compile the code?
>I'm using djgpp in a dosbox in win98se.
>This is what I get when I try to compile client\ogr\tools\runstub :
>gcc  -c
runstub.cpp -O2 -Wall -DASM_X86 -DHAVE_OGR_CORES -I- -I. -I../../../comm
>on -I../../../ogr/ansi -DOGR_DEBUG  -o runstub.o
>In file included from runstub.cpp:5:
>../../../common/baseincs.h:175: plat/dos/clidos.h: No such file or
directory (EN
>make.exe: *** [runstub.o] Error 1

>What do I do wrong and how can I compile it the right way?
add $(DCTIDIR) to the includes list

runstub is a utility just for testing ogr cores. I'm not sure whether it's
up to date and compiles with current ogr.cpp. I only tested it under
It's not needed to compile the client.

For other problems see

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