[RC5] Larger RC5-64 blocks?

Pedro J. Cabrera pjcabrera at mindspring.com
Sun Jan 21 17:24:36 EST 2001

> >>Do you plan on expanding the block size so it will be possible to fetch
> >>2^34 blocks? At the moment, my 600MHz PC finishes a 2^33 block in a
> >> little over an hour. If not anything else it should reduce network
> >> traffic...
> >Why not just pull 24 hours worth of blocks so you only update once a
> >day? Just because you finish a 2^33 in a hour is not a reason for
> >calling in every hour to get more data.
> I do that already. In fact I usually put between 48 and 72 hours worth of
> blocks in my in-buffer. I was thinking more along the lines of minimizing
> network traffic and keyspace fragmentation.

If you are pulling 48 to 72 hours worth of blocks in your in-buffer, you
already **ARE** minimizing network traffic and key space fragmentation.

The reason you are getting small blocks in your in-buffer is because the key
space is already fragmented, or is being further fragmented by who knows


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