[RC5] Processor occupancy reporting (was... Fw: XWin and 100% CPU usage)

Ben Ketteridge ben at lonparc.freeserve.co.uk
Mon Jan 22 13:50:41 EST 2001

I've seen this message on the Xwin mailing list, and was wondering if this
would have any input to the discussions on how to avoid dnetc showing the
CPU as 100% when we'd actually like it to just replace the System Idle
Process under Win32/WinNT/Win2K.

I'm sorry, I'm just throwing this into the mix to see if anyone who knows
Win32(etc) programming better than me can decipher it... :-)


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Subject: RE: XWin and 100% CPU usage

If the app realises a PeekMessage loop instead of a GetMessage loop, the CPU
will always be at 100%. See MSDN for several articles.


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I see the 100% CPU usage with a lot of commercial servers too
like Hummingbird and others.  Now do not ask me, please, why Windows
does it?


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Subject: RE: XWin and 100% CPU usage

Does anyone see 100% CPU from Xwin.exe?


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