[RC5] Protein folding. A new project???

Brandon Zaleiski zcii at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 29 00:17:44 EST 2001

>United Devices is trying to find similar structures within common proteins.
How do you know that?  What else are they working on?
>To get back to Stanford's Folding at Home, it's based on Mithral's COSM which,
>as someone else pointed out, was developed by Adam Beberg.  Adam Beberg was
>one of the founders of Distributed.net.  Adam left Distributed.net when his
>vision for the future of Distributed.net and the vision of the rest of
>Distributed.net's members diverged.  Judging by this, I doubt that there
>will be much chance of them working together.  Especially since
>Distributed.net is part of United Devices now and UD's goal is definitely
>different than either Distributed.net's original goal and Mithral's goal.

What is United Devices goal?  How has Distributed.net changed?

>Mike Faunce
>mike at faunce dot com
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