[RC5] Protein folding. A new project???

Jim C. Nasby jim at nasby.net
Mon Jan 29 01:41:04 EST 2001

> As an outsider, I don't know exactly what happened between Adam and the rest
> of D.net, but looking at Mithral's web site and the way D.net has gone, here
> is what I gather:  Adam wanted to create a distributed computing framework
> that would make it easy to develop new projects.  The rest of D.net wanted
> to keep with the existing framework and shoe horn projects into it.
> Adam/Mithral has gone on to do what he wanted to do with Cosm (Folding at Home
> is built on Cosm).  D.net still has roughly the same clients.  They added
> OGR and (I'm not sure about the timing) did DES-III.

The reason Adam and distributed.net parted company was due to fundamental
differences in opinion on how to develop a next generation architecture. That
distributed.net is still running the same basic network architecture is not
> UD is a for profit company that is looking to pay it's clients (in one way
> or another, they just completed a contest where the top 100 users got paid,
> I was at about 175 :( ).  D.net hasn't changed, so far, but the main people
> at D.net are now UD employees (and moved to Houston).  From what I've read

Actually, it's Austin. :)

> on this list and in both press releases, UD hopes to take their experience
> and make their client better.  I'm sure that D.net is going to reap some
> benefit as well (the new Stats box for example).
> But, IMHO, I don't expect D.net to be around forever.  It doesn't make sense
> (again, to me) for UD to keep the D.net client as is.  (I also fully expect
> Entropia to either drop or merge GIMPS once they have paying projects).  I
> don't have any inside information on any of this, I'm just an interested,
> long time, distributed computing fan/hobbyist/geek/whatever.  I'm interested
> in distributed computing as a whole, not just D.net, but according to my
> stats, I've been running the D.net client for 1,172 days - 3.2 years.

UD has no say in what distributed.net does with it's software. distributed.net
is free to operate a network independant from UD for as long as it desires.
distributed.net will also be able to operate projects utilizing UD's platform.
Since UD can put serious money into attracting people to run their client, it is
almost certain that UD will eventually have an install base that is far larger
than distributed.net. Having access to such a resource will provide a large
number off opportunities for distributed.net.
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