[RC5] [rc5] Performance

Oliver Scheit oscheit at quoka.com
Mon Jan 29 14:33:03 EST 2001

Most people say "a lot of machines"

Now if there's machines at work or at some university
involved, they don't run 24/7. Maybe 12/5.

So guessing that the average cpu is a Pentium III 550 MHz,
this would mean you need about 400 machines to get to
100.000 blocks average if you run them 12/7.

I was just wondering if I'm missing out some trick to
increase crunching speed.
My highest score was about 23.500 blocks for one day
and I had all machines hooked up that I could get a grip on.

BTW: is there a chart somewhere on the topic what processor
(type/speed) can crunch how many blocks a day?

Regards, Oli

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