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waldo kitty wkitty42 at alltel.net
Mon Jan 29 11:06:44 EST 2001

Oliver Scheit wrote:
> A Pentium III 550 MHz CPU crunches about 500 blocks a day.
> I wonder how some people can make an average of 50.000 - 100.0000 blocks per day.
> What kind of machines are involved here?

you are likely seeing the result of 'farms' where there are more than
one system running the clients and submitting the work units under the
same identifier... indeed, the fastest one in my small 'farm' is
currently a celeron 300 which averages 835k keys/sec... it's working
along with right at a dozen other machines each turning out anywhere
from 50k keys/sec to 700k keys/sec... all turning their work in under my
id... some out there work at universities where they may have several
hundred machines under their supervision...

also, please note the various measurments used in the above... you use
"blocks" but that's kind of ambigious unless you are meaning "keys per
second' or "total keys per day"... i also used "work units" and that can
be ambigious as well... that's why i try to mainly stick with XXXk keys
per second...

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