[RC5] [rc5] Performance

Arne Heizmann ajh65 at hermes.cam.ac.uk
Mon Jan 29 17:09:14 EST 2001

> 	Yet we are all reported equally, or should I say unequally.  
> How can I expect to compete against a sysadm of a university or even a
> corporation lan? It JUST ain't fair.

I don't think it's particularly unfair - if you say you can't compete with
them, then just don't compare yourself with them. Look at your keyrate as
an absolute number and see if you're happy with it. Those who do have
control over hundreds of computers also contribute to the project a lot
more than you do, so it's only reasonable to rank them higher.

Or would you also say it's unfair that you are ranked below Steffi Graf in
the tennis world ranking? How could you expect to compete against a
professional or even a world champion? It *IS* fair.

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