[RC5] [rc5] Performance

Jeroen pieppiep at pieppiep.tmfweb.nl
Mon Jan 29 21:01:19 EST 2001


Just a little hint to possibly a little better performance.

When I bought my PC it was a P2-350. I've sold my CPU to somebody and bought a Celeron 366
for less money and overclocked it to 458 MHz.
In my system was 100 MHz memory. Now running at 83 MHz.
In my bios settings I saw the setting  "SDRAM CAS latency Time : 3"
This can be set to a value 2 or 3.
This is something for the speed. Fast memory can be set to 2 and slower memory to 3.
My memory is of the slow kind so it was set to 3.
But because it runs at 83 MHz now, it can handle the 2 setting.
I ran a OGR benchmark (I'm running OGR only, no RC5) and get 1.8 Million something/sec.
When I set it to 2 and run the benchmark again I get 2.3 Million something/sec.
A big change! I was happy ;-)

So, if you're just like me an overclocker, you can probably check this setting in your bios.


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