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Wed Jan 31 20:45:33 EST 2001

Maybe this isn't but it seems to be real obvious, to me anyway, that
this is EXACTLY what D.Net was created for.  Get a bunch of little
computers together to solve a humongous problem/question that the big
computers aren't working on.  We are in a DISTRIBUTED network by
participating aren't we?  

I don't see this issue as a problem but the solution.  Just because
one person only has access to one computer and can't compete against
someone else who has a farm of systems working for them isn't a
reason to get upset or down or whatever.  The stats are icing, the
cake below is to develop good solid distributed computing technology.
 Along the way D.Net has used cracking RC5-64, or finding the longest
OGR, or wiping out DES-III in less than 24 hours as fodder to work on
during development.

Run the client, watch your keyrate and feel good that you're making a
contribution to a project that interests you.  Even if it's 10 key
blocks a day.  Over a year that's 3650 blocks that won't have to be
checked on some other system.  And you never know, the computer that
finds the right key for RC5-64 could easily end up being someone's
beatup old 486/25.  Might be the latest Pentium 7/12.5 GHz system
also.  But who cares?

On Wed, 31 Jan 2001 12:17:40 +0100, tomdv at datatx.com wrote:

>Basically, I think there is no practical solution for this. PC-farms will
>always be stronger anyhow. Therefore, check the stats for the performance
>per day for 100 people in your range or the overal performance for the 100
>people in your range.

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