[RC5] number of dnet users

Rolf Stals R.Stals at oke.nl
Sun Jul 1 11:39:32 EDT 2001

I think the great strength of the Dutch people is the team Dutch Power
Cows. This happens to be also my team :-)
The DPC started al out from a Dutch website, www.tweakers.net, a website
you can compare with AnandTech, only not in English but in Dutch. This
website has about 30.000-50.000 people visiting every day, and when you
count the people that only come here once a week there are maybe 75.000 or
more people visiting every week. Every day (when statsruns are finished
properly ;-) we post a DPCH, a Dutch Power Cows Hitparade with all the best
DPC-competitors from the day before. A link is added to an manual how to
join DPC and what it is. This information also reaches Fokzine.net (an
website wich got national fame because it covered everything from the first
Dutch Big Brother on television) and Gathering.Tweakers.net (an Dutch
Forum, also 15.000 people are registerd here.)
When all those people call there friends and say to them they have to join
you'll get a high number of competitors for Dnet and thats why we are so
high in your list.
This basically is the same Ethan wrote, only with exact description for
succes :-P


ps. numbers can vary (a lot)

At 03:17 1-7-01 +0200, you wrote:
>But almost 16 million people isn't exactly little is it?  And if that is
>the reason, why does Belgium (my country) doesn't have so many users, we
>have 5 million people less...
>Tom R.
>Ethan Daugherty wrote:
>> I think you answered you own question here. The Netherlands are a small
>> country. And from what I have seen very friendly, now which is easier to
>> get your neighbor to run rc5 for you or some random fellow on the street?
>> With the small number of people actually living there an increase in number
>> of participants is a much larger percentage increase than with say the US.
>> Ethan
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