[RC5] did we loose the top layer again?

smoulton at littlehillservices.com smoulton at littlehillservices.com
Mon Jul 2 18:26:23 EDT 2001

Wow, I went to the stats page, and saw that we are over 51% of the RC5 project.
and no announcement?  no big (hey we should hit it any time now, keep thise clients 
going!!!) email?
Or did I miss it.
Oh wait, lets check the "NEWS" web page:
"Project RC5-64 has now been running for more than 1200 days and we have now 
completed over 40%..."
I guess the United Deviced merger caused all interest in DNet to die.
Gotta admit, this is getting boring even the UD client is at least interesting.

Steve Moulton
Little Hill Services
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