[RC5] did we loose the top layer again?

John Vender john at jmv.com.au
Tue Jul 3 18:21:46 EDT 2001

Apologies for the lack of update of the news page about reaching 50% of RC5-64, I've been absurdly busy the last couple of months and since my little business came very close to going broke last year and some good work has come in this year I've needed to devote a lot of time to it and haven't had as much time for the d.net site as I'd like to have. The result of this has been I've only had time to keep up with bugzilla reports, e-mails reporting problems and occasional time wasters like CafePress changing their back end requiring half a night of my time to make the required changes to our dnetware pages.

I will do my best to update the news more regularly and I will try to organise someone to help me with it when my time is tight. I am sure that you would not doubt my commitment to distributed.net if you knew the amount of time I and the rest of the DCTI staff devote to keeping things running. Unfortunately paying work pressures sometimes result in infrequent updates of non-critical aspects.

I will have a faster connection shortly (lack of cashflow has forced me to stay with a 56k modem too long) as well as easier workload so I will get a chance to do some catching up with d.net tasks that have been on the back burner and update the news more regularly.


janacek at distributed.net

>Wow, I went to the stats page, and saw that we are over 51% of the RC5 project.
>and no announcement?  no big (hey we should hit it any time now, keep thise clients 
>going!!!) email?
>Or did I miss it.
>Oh wait, lets check the "NEWS" web page:
>"Project RC5-64 has now been running for more than 1200 days and we have now 
>completed over 40%..."
>I guess the United Deviced merger caused all interest in DNet to die.
>Gotta admit, this is getting boring even the UD client is at least interesting.
>Steve Moulton
>Little Hill Services
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