[RC5] OGR info

Michael Pelletier mvpel at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 12 09:23:17 EDT 2001

--- bwilson at fers.com wrote:
> The progress reporting for OGR-24 and OGR-25 is awaiting the
> migration of our stats database to blower.  Some issues with the
> two-pass method make such reporting a very manual and very involved
> process.  We don't want to overtax our current stats server, which
> has trouble even catching up if there are delays.

Hm, I wonder if there's any way the stats reporting can be distributed?
 ;-)  It would be helpful to put this information on the OGR stats
page, too, so that people like me aren't left scratching their heads
looking at results from December of last year.  Thanks in advance to
whoever's managing the web page!

I have to admit, though, that I'm having some trouble picturing a
situation that would require heavy manual updating.  Under most
circumstances, if a process can be done by hand, it can be done
automatically with a smart-enough script.  Is it a limitation of the
database schema, perhaps?  We know how many stubs are to be done, and
we know how many stubs have been done in either pass, right?

> As far as optimal rulers, I don't believe we have seen any shorter
> ones, but  that comes as no surprise.  The object of OGR is primarily
> to prove exhaustively that there is no shorter ruler.  On the slim
> chance that a shorter ruler exists, we will discover it, but nobody's
> holding their breath.

What's the shortest non-optimal ruler we've found so far?  Do we know
who found it?  That might be an interesting trivia tidbit for the
userbase.  At least with RC5 there's a secret message to be discovered,
lending to a sense of curiosity about the outcome and a personal stake
in the process.  Trivia about the OGRs might help cultivate this kind
of sense towards that project, and attract more clients.

=Michael Pelletier.

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