[RC5] Script page for team summary?

Richard Farmbrough Richard.Farmbrough at imminus.co.uk
Fri Jul 13 09:58:06 EDT 2001

I think that's only relevant if the team has a private/hidden membership.
Anyway it's only really of use to nugget or someone with access a copy of
the database to test it on.  I'm sure there may be a couple of mismatched
brackets or minor tweaks required.  I'm also supremely ignorant about PHP.

                          Richard Farmbrough.

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From: Bjoern Martin [mailto:boris59 at gmx.net]

>Will this do?

I don't think so...

>include "etc/project.inc";
>include "etc/lastupdate.inc";
>include "templates/header.inc";

Those lines seem to include the header stuff. And this stuff is
spread across the php file. I'll take a closer look, as I wanted
this page in the first place. May take some time though, as I
actually don't know a bit about PHP...

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