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The fact is, we are still getting OGR-24 work back from some extremely slow 
clients.  We don't especially want to throw away the work they are doing by 
letting someone else finish it first, though at some point it will become 
necessary to "fish or cut bait" as they say.  It could be some of these are a 
result of people downloading too much work for too slow a computer. 

This being said, I've been trying to coax Daa to generate the information we 
need to update the OGR percent-done figures (it's not automatic), and we're 
talking about passing out OGR-24 work again.
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This question has been raised many times.
OGR24 would take about 2 days to completely re-do at our current speed.
Lack of updates to OGR24/25 progress despite offers to help with the scripts
and/or database have resulted in me moving my effort from OGR almost
entirely back to RC5 (and I am not alone).
Since I consider OGR to be far more "worthwhile" this says something about
the motivational power of feeling involved in a project (and arguably about
Also there seems to be no planning for when the current iterations of
OGR/RC5 are finished - this could be RSN and we will loose massive support
to United Devices/Seti etc. if there are no reasonable, interesting


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On Thu, 12 Jul 2001 08:23:17 -0700 (PDT), Michael Pelletier wrote: 

>What's the shortest non-optimal ruler we've found so far?  Do we know
>who found it?  That might be an interesting trivia tidbit for the
>userbase.  At least with RC5 there's a secret message to be discovered,
>lending to a sense of curiosity about the outcome and a personal stake
>in the process.  Trivia about the OGRs might help cultivate this kind
>of sense towards that project, and attract more clients. 

I agree. But what I can't understand is: 

a) Why OGR24 is still going after 363 days, almost a year
b) Why so few people are working on it, only 7 people yesterday 

Why can't we just decide to blitz it; set all clients to work on it for
the next few weeks and just get it done and out of the way? 

OGR24 will soon "celebrate" its first birthday! But only 7 people were
working on it yesterday compared to 4,096 people working on OGR25! 

What's going on? 

How can I set my client to only work on OGR24 and not OGR25? 

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