[RC5] key search order

dominique.pelle at free.fr dominique.pelle at free.fr
Sun Jul 22 05:49:07 EDT 2001

Richard L. King Jr. (richardking57 at hotmail.com) wrote:

> i am curious whether blocks are being handed from low
> to high or high to low or is just a jumble by now? 
> i do know the key servers are handing out blocks from
> different key spaces. 

Following URL shows the RC5-64 keyspace graph:


It does not seem that we scan the keyspace in simple
ascending or descending order.

Timestamp indicates that it's up-to-date.
Color seem to be some kind of key density checked.
No, I don't know what the coordinates are..

I believe that giving more details could help
other groups who may compete with d.net in
the RC5-64 challenge.

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