[RC5] Will RC5 be finished before the last member leaves?

Bjoern Martin boris59 at gmx.net
Sun Jul 22 10:17:06 EDT 2001

>I been playing with RC5 Stats - nice to have a large database to test load
>ideas on...
>If you been tracking the number of true new members -- i.e. those that are
>new joins and not being a resubscribe and transfer of blocks.
>We get about 110 new members per day.
>Now if you look at last date a block been returned and treat that as the date
>a member left.   And only look though June 1 '01 - to give those batch guys a
>chance not to screw the stats....
>We are losing about 160 members per day.
>July '00 was the point where the number joining RC5 = the number leaving -
>its been down hill since.
>Any comments?

In the beginning it's more attractive to join a project like RC5 that is 
stats-based because all people have equal chances to get a good ranking. If 
you start later (like my team - until january 2000, we had 3 members 
ranking @ place 4xxx, now it's 30 and we're ranked 5xx), it gets harder 
because you first have to pass all the teams that crunched for two more 
years. Maybe that's why.
And I also read a new statsbox is being set up which might support more 
load and for that support more detailed statistics.



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