[RC5] Will RC5 be finished before the last member leaves?

Skeeve skeeve at mailru.com
Mon Jul 23 09:30:40 EDT 2001

> Another theory is that the OGR project has been "stealing" RC5 crackers.
> The clients automatically switched over to OGR when it was started,
> leaving RC5 to only those people who specifically set their clients away
> from the default.

Nope. This way OGR can get new members only at the moment it starts.
As it was started long, long, long ago, RC5 can't loose members due to 
defauln settings - only new members with default settings will go to RC5.

> It seems that most people running the client just installed it and left
> things at default except, of course, the email addy.  These client
> machines were switched automatically away from RC5.

Kind regards.

Vladimir I.Medvedev,

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