[RC5] Will RC5 be finished before the last member leaves?

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Tue Jul 24 10:49:30 EDT 2001

The technique you describe is known as "megaflushing", a practice we 

Certain teams have saved up for megaflushes in the past.  The result is often 
downtime for the master, slower flushing for everyone, and sometimes delays in

statsrun.  In fact, some megaflushes have been so big that all the work could 
not be processed through our system in a single day, which defeats the goal of

being "highest on <enter date>". 

Our network (consisting of the master and fullproxies) is tuned for the typical

daily workload.  A big enough burst of activity can saturate the fullproxies, 
draining their supply of work units and blocking flushes from everyone.  The 
keymaster then gets hammered by the fullproxies as they try to pass along the 
work submitted. 

Waiting to flush can also mean someone else may submit the same work unit 
before you.  In this case, your work will be discarded as a duplicate, and you

won't get any stats credit. 

A single user isn't likely to cause this kind of problem, but we'd prefer you 
let the clients and proxies manage the workload in a fairly default manner, to

keep the whole system working properly. 
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You could still go for the most packets flushed on <enter date> I tried to
be #1 for a while but I just can't get enough CPU power to achieve
that........ Maybe if I can get like 10 AMD 1.3GHz's and use a proxy and
flush after 4 or 5 days I should be able to be #1 for one day. So could
anyone else 


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