[RC5] Bouncing mail..

Sergio Ribeiro Sribeiro at i2s.pt
Thu Jul 26 14:40:14 EDT 2001

 It's not spanish: it's Portuguese!

 The message says that the server "mandic.com.br" was changed to
 So the new mail address it's, probably, "rc5 at mandic.com.br".

	Sérgio Ribeiro
	Porto - Portugal

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From: Patrik Martinson [mailto:patma491 at student.liu.se]

I don't speak spanish but it seems like this address is invalid.. Can
someone please
remove this guy from the list?

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Subject: Undelivarable: [RC5] possible third project...


A mensagem enviada para rc5 at mandic.com.brnão pode ser entregue porque o
@mandic.com.br mudou para @osite.com.br.

Por favor reenviesua mensagem conforme exemplo abaixo:


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