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>Hah!  Factoring even the lowest of the current RSA factoring challenges
>s definitely non-trivial.  The fastest know general factoring algorithm
>(the Number Field Sieve) can be parallelized in the first stage, but then
>the results of the first stage have to be fed to a single large computer
>for a few weeks of crunching.
>(The RSA-155 challenge, which involved factoring a 155-decimal-digit
>number, required several weeks of processing on a 4-CPU Alpha box with
>4 GB of RAM.)

Ok .. but hey .. dnet staff rocks and they WILL find a way to resolve this
problem so i can start annoying my friends with dnet again to make them run
the client :)

Maybe this project should be available only to _very_ fast (800mhz+)
computers.. and fully optimized for Pentium IV.

>> Moreover dnet and someone could make some easy money.
>Believe me, any such money would be *earned*. :)

It worth to take more time to find a solution so it'll be easy money!

I might be dreaming heh.. but i would appreciate working on this project.


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