[RC5] possible third project...

Bruce Wilson bwilson at distributed.net
Sun Jul 29 15:47:51 EDT 2001

The client buffer is pseudo-FIFO.  When the client finishes a work unit,
it selects the next work unit based on the work unit identification
number, regardless of the order it was received.  In selecting the work
unit with the highest (or lowest, I forget which) work unit number, it
attempts to complete the oldest work first.

I know this can have an impact on a recycle, because this was part of
the problem we encountered with CSC.  When we started over at the first
block, the client "preferred" the earlier blocks over the later blocks,
and it took a long time for the last percentages to be returned.  I
don't know if this has been resolved in the OGR projects, or if it has
the impact you describe.  I would hope that OGR-24 would be treated as
"older" than OGR-25 by dnetc, but I'm not the one to ask.

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| > > Or we could work on OGR-24 for a few days and finish it next week
| > (HINT
| > > HINT!)
| > 
| > and _then_ start a new contest...
| The only way we'd finish it next week is by handing out one 
| each of the remaining OGR-24 stubs to each connecting client, 
| and hoping that it winds up on top of the input buffer and 
| that one of the clients in question is not a 386.
| That brings up another question I had -- is the OGR buffer 
| FIFO or LIFO?  I've gotten an unscientific impression that 
| it's LIFO, meaning that buffer update option 2, ensure 
| completed work is kept flushed -- which also fetches another 
| stub to fill out the buffer when the finished one is flushed 
| -- keeps the remaining stubs buried.
| Or is it just my imagination?
| -Michael Pelletier.
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