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Mon Jul 30 16:50:21 EDT 2001

Ok Tom...yeah, I didn't want it to seem as if it were me pitching that 
bitch. I'm a Dneter for a while and run it on 5 machines in my lan. I don't 
care squat about the energy, I've got plenty of it here, I've got all that 
green eco-terrorist crap shut off, the air conditioners run 24/7 here.
As far as a needle in a haystack, me? I love a challenge. I'm not in it to 
get rich, I just throw the dice like so many others do, perhaps I'll win, 
but I'd bet I won't, it's like the Lottery "Hey, Ya never win". I look at 
the statistics often, but I'll never dominate them, so its a fun thing to 
see my score creep up daily a little bit. The statistics are fine by me, 
when they're available, lets face it, the people who are doing this project 
might also have "real" jobs they've got to attend to also to pay the bills, 
so what they can do when that can do it is fine by me. That's the way 
volunteerisim is. You've got to cut volunteers some real slack, cause if 
you don't, you don't have any more volunteers.


>Thanks for passing this on. Interesting what the gentleman poses and quite 
>frankly he has a few points concerning the RC5-contest.
>1. It is looking for a needle in a haystack
>2. It consumes a lot of power and therefore it is expensive
>3. The statistics are lousy
>This summarizes what the gentleman wrote.
>1. Don't look for a needle in a haystack: buy a new one if you need one.
>2. Throw away computers since they use energy.
>3. Then don't look at them.
>Or should I add more trivial conclusions?
>In the mailing list, like the one I'm using now, we discussed many times 
>over what possible benefits might come or what possible disadvantages 
>might exist. For the latter, the energy consumption has been raised before 
>and remain as valid as you make up the figures and compare them with what 
>you want.
>Advantages? Well, people like the gents at dnet are truly learning 
>something new and sometimes in the mailing list, some of that knowledge is 
>exposed for a broader audience: like the question on LIFO-FIFO on OGR and 
>it's consequences...
>For the shooting at the statistics, that is one of the ways of getting 
>people to join the effort. If some assumptions are made, the so be it. 
>Dnet always asks for people to help: so anyone with good ideas, enough 
>knowledge and last but not least, the time, can join and help developing.
>As a more general note: 'what other people think' is relevant to the 
>extent that it brings new insights. Alas for the contribution of the 
>gentleman, 'nil nove sub sole' (nothing new under the sun, yep, that was 
>So far my contribution,
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