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Dave Huang khym at azeotrope.org
Mon Jul 30 19:04:04 EDT 2001

On Mon, 30 Jul 2001, Ryan Malayter wrote:
> Hmm... I guess I don't remember those algorithms classes to well.
> The running time of the GNFS is:
> O( exp(c*ln(n)^1/3 * ln(ln(n))^2/3 ) )
> I assumed N represented the size of the input the number field - all
> integers to be tested as factors, which would be 2^64 times as large the
> field for RSA-512. Is N calculated differently?

I don't know either, but even if n is the number of integers to be
tested, about 11 times harder sounds right to me.

For n=2^512, ln(n) = 512*ln(2) ~= 354.891, so the complexity works out
to about e^44.296.
For n=2^576, ln(n) = 576*ln(2) ~= 399.253, so the complexity works out
to about e^46.684.

e^46.684/e^44.296 = e^2.388 = 10.892.
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