[RC5] What if RC5-64 is done

Richard Menedetter ricsi at bigfoot.com
Fri Jun 1 20:03:41 EDT 2001


01 Jun 2001, Tom Ribbens <webmaster at multi-air.com> wrote:

 TR> i was wondering how long it would take before RC5-72 work units will
 TR> be distributed.
Will they be distributed ?? don't think so !

 TR> I mean, imagine that we find the RC5-64 key tomorrow,
 TR> when will the master keyserver be handing out new RC5-72 blocks?
 TR> Or is distributed.net not going to participate in that contest?
I haven't heared of it.

but think of it:
72-64=8 bits

So RC5-72 will be 256 times harder than rc5-64.

It will take us over 3.5 years to reach 50% of rc5-64.
3.5*256=896 years

If the computer's crunching power increases by a factor of 8, we would only
need 112 years ...

(PS: if we are unlucky it could take twice as long. If we only find the
winning key at 99.9%)

Wait till I have bought my AMD K16 with 850 THz or my quantum computer !

 TR> Tom Ribbens

CU, Ricsi

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