[RC5] AXP client slow on RC5

Mike Faunce mike at faunce.com
Fri Jun 1 22:12:24 EDT 2001

Umm.  That doesn't make much sense to me.  If the cores are coded in
assembly, then the OS "wrapper" is the only thing that should change from OS
to OS and performance across different OS's running on the same processor
should be very close.  Only the download/upload/checkpoint processes should
really be different.  Isn't that the point of having cores in the first
place?  So that the intense, iterative processes are as optimized as
possible for each processor and the vastly variable, OS dependent stuff is
written around the cores.

What am I missing that makes what I said false?

Mike Faunce
mike at faunce dot com

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>Might this be OS-dependant? (I could get my alpha to run WinNT, but it
>wouldn't be fun that way ;-)

As far as I know, you also wouldn't get nearly as well-optimized a core :)

To make a long story short --- the Alpha sucks for RC5. If you have the
choice, run something else on it.


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